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Great British Barber Bash Liverpool 2018

Piranha Barber Academy (PBA), rented a stall to promote the academy and to show case all the courses available.

We also worked on a product launch, for range called Crazy Bull, which is manufactured in Cyprus.

Staff that attended were Barber B, Laimar, Barber Ben, Neesha, Shareace, Qasim, King Hass, Nate, Dominic, Paul, Kimberly, Barber Fabi from Amsterdam, the Crazy Bull team Carlos and Chris.

On the day, we did watch and learn sessions inviting observers to ask questions and get involved. we specialized in Afro hair on the day and showcased Avast range of Afro products that were also available for purchase.

Great British Barber Bash

The PBA offered a free shaving service, to attendees to experience our shaving services and demonstrate us working with one of our many partner barbers involved with the academy. King Hussain the barber, who has 30 years’ experience in the industry.

PBA also ran a raffle competition for a clubman kit-shaving case and whal finale foil clippers as part of our promotion.

Great British Barber Bash invited Barber B to be a judge at the fast fade competition. As part of my duties, I did a running commentary about what the barbers were all doing during the competition.

As a team, we made our presence known. We created a buzz around our stand and did many unusual techniques to keep the crowd engaged.

Great British Barber Bash

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