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Barber B presents Each One Teach One

Barber Society live - Barber B & Piranha Barber Academy.

Each One Teach One will be a barbering show case using experienced barbers to exhibit there work in a very unique fun way. To entertain the audience and keep them captivated through out the performance whilst demonstrating the art of barbering.

I plan to use professional dancers as models to help demonstrate the skill required to cut a young child’s hair from the age of 1year up to 2,3,4 that struggle to sit still. The dancers will be preforming street style moves while their hair is being cut by the barbers.

The dancers’ hair will be half prepared before the show and have elements of the finished look completed as part of the watch and learn seminar.

Styling, cutting and finishing of the hair while they will be doing little pop up dance moves to switch barbers to demonstrate team work from the barbers and show case a new Business model that could be utilised in every barber shop to increase revenue and offer a new services new and old clients.

I will through out the show will be inter acting with the audience and will require there participation to keep the show exciting and interesting.

This part of the show will require a roaming microphone that the audience may pass around as they have questions for the team.The models will be encouraged to give some of the audience an opportunity to touch and feel there hair through out the show again creating interaction with the observers.

As part of the show will be using children as models age between 7 and 16 years old, we will have there hair half prepared ready to be cut finished and styled so we can again demonstrate our skills as barbers that are willing to work together as team so collectively we all produce the finished look on all the models as a unit not as an individual barber

The children will also use the medium of dance to show case there hair styles and perform a cat walk show. I will be coming to Amsterdam in the next couple of weeks to meet with the dancers and meet with you and mark to start planning and set up rehearsal dates for me and the team.

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Each One Teach One: The Aim

Each one teach one seminar watch and learn:

  • Health & safety in the work place
  • Various blow drying and styling methods introducing new texturising techniques
  • Introduction to a new styling and after care product range for both hair and beard
  • New and inspirational cutting techniques inspired by Afro hair
  • A big push on the importance of team work through out the barbering industry
  • A brand new concept in barber training
  • To promote health and mental fitness through the art of barbering to new learners coming into the industry
  • To reach out to children with this message as a lifestyle choice that is not hard work
  • To promote a hair show like never seen before to be delivered in a theatre to both the public and industry to show case barbering as an entertaining experience through the use of sport, fitness, dance and humour

Each One Teach One: Breakdown

How many experienced barbers will perform the show? There will be 4 barbers and Barber B on stage at any one time.

What time do you need/how long is the show? Time is needed before the show to prep hair and confirm child and adult dancers, and to check equipment. Then the show will run for 40-60mins dependant on complexity of cutting and dance numbers. Then finish and after show activities to be discussed.

How will the cutting of a young child’s hair be demonstrated? The street dance troupe consist of grown men and women all doing acrobatics and street performance while having their hair cut. This will mimic the movement of children aged between 1 to 4 years. Showing the frequency of activity that a toddler will do while sitting in the chair.

How many younger dancers will be involved in the show? A dance troupe of 6-10 dancers aged between 7-11 years is required for the mini me section in the show.

What type of dance will be in the show? The main dance sequences will be a combination of both street dance break dance and contemporary. Street dance will include acrobatics, gymnastics and urban dance style; mimicking the playfulness of toddlers. Mini Me will be a choice of contemporary and street or otherwise indicated.

Pre-preparation for the hair of the dancers It may be required for the dancers to have no product or hairspray in their hair. Hair must be long enough to cut and shape noticeably. Any scalp sensitivity or allergies should be outlined to barbers and stylists before the show.

See the Barber Society Live website for tickets and event information.

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