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Performed by Barber B himself, APOS tells the extraordinary story of how Brian Swarray began his artistic and entrepreneurial journey. Along with tales of adventure and misadventure from his youth in Chapeltown, Leeds he shares some of the heartfelt moments and challenges that have shaped his 30-year career. Even now, diagnosed with a brain tumour, Barber B keeps growing like the hair he cuts. Get ready for something unique, tender and hilarious!

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I'm Barber B. Over the past few months I've been working on a play, of sorts. Working with me, the writer and poet Seki Lynch has been pivotal in making this project come alive. This first version is research and development for a larger production. The performance recounts how I began my journey into barbering... It's been quite a trip. From growing up in Chapletown, Leeds, I taught myself barbering after finding a pair of clippers in a skip. From these humble beginnings, I've created my own hair studio and training academy.

Alongside my artistic and entrepreneurial story, APOS touches on my more recent experience with a brain tumour. But this is far from a sob story. For me, the diagnosis has been one more opportunity to progress and grow. APOS is a celebration of my life so far and pays homage to some of the characters, opportunities and obstacles that have pathed my way.

With original performances of music and poetry by the Original Gappy Ranks and Seki Lynch, I invite you to hop aboard the Barber B Brain Train and take a ride along a journey which is unique, tender and hilarious!

We've had sell-out success for Barber B: A Play of Sorts and we're on our 5th performance! The production had been possible through the inestimable help and support of several people and organisations, including Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity, The World Reimagined, Leeds City Council, Space2 Leeds, East Street Arts, Keldan Copeland, Marn Media, Sable Radio and a host of family and friends.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter of the journey and for a series of podcasts exploring some of the big themes the show throws up.

We hope you enjoy the ride! One love, Barber B.

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Piranha Barber Academy (PBA), rented a stall to promote the academy and to showcase all the courses available. PBA offered a free shaving service for attendees to experience our shaving services and demonstrate us working with one of our many partner barbers involved with the academy.


Barber B and his team had to take a Morated barber’s exam, before they delivered the services on the man van project, and his involvement was to draw men into have a health conversation and to offer free grooming services at the man van.